I’ve shared my living room and coffee table in previous posts, but not too long ago I switched things up and I’ve been loving my new arrangement – so I thought I’d share! The color palette all originated from Target. I was shopping for something totally unrelated to home decor one day and spotted these two tufted fuchsia stools. I may have gasped out loud. I decided to buy one and then ran back the next day for the other. I think they would look great in all sorts of places throughout the home. And I love how they give me two extra seats when guests come over and they don’t take up much space.
My coffee table is from Pier 1’s Hayworth Collection. I got it for an amazing deal, because it was on sale and it had a slight imperfection so I got even more of a discount. I love it and have been so happy with my purchase! It has a super cute drawer that fits coasters, magazines, knick knacks and the remote. Plus a shelf on the bottom that I don’t use, because it’s at Heidi level, which means she would steal, chew or carry away anything I place down there. Basically everything in my life belongs to her. #diva
On top of my coffee table I have an assortment of beautiful items. The flowers also came from Target, as well as the gold turtle – they were all in the same collection. Luckily all the accessories were on sale and the turtle even opens up so that you can hide small items inside. I’m a Delta Zeta Alum and if you didn’t know, our mascot is the turtle…I used to be obsessed!
I also have a patterned mirrored tray that I picked up at TJ Maxx last year. I don’t necessarily love the mirror on mirror of the table and tray, but for now it works! Inside the tray I like to show off some of the books I’ve read or will read – can you tell I love a cute book cover!? Leave Your Mark has the most adorable color palette and illustration on the front. Next to the books I keep my gold & white coasters that my mom got for me at C. Wonder and they sit atop a candle stand from Bath & Body Works.
Last, but absolutely not least I have a photo of my dear friend Katie, whom I love and is always such a bright light in my life. I believe pictures really make a house a home. 
For now this is how my coffee table will stay – until a holiday comes along or I find something new that needs to be added! Right now I’m really into neutrals with pops of color. I loved that the stools and flowers came in the same collection so that the colors go seamlessly in the space. 
Have a lovely Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow for June Beauty Favorites!
XO Amanda