Winter Skin Savers

Winter is officially here and I don’t know about you, but it’s reeking havoc on my skin. I woke up yesterday and my lips were so dry they were starting to split and my hands need a gallon size tub of hand cream. So I thought I’d share my favorite products for combating dry skin. These are also amazing if you travel, because the air is extremely drying. If you’re flying AND it’s winter…boy!…you may need all of these items!

Something simple you can do, and should always do, is drink lots of water. Drinking water will make a huge difference in your skin. I try to place 2-3 water bottles on my desk so that during the day I consciously drink them. I also keep The Body Shop Hand Cream in my desk drawer. I hand sanitize all day since I work in a hospital and I don’t want any winter bugs, so I try and put hand lotion on directly after. Right now my hands are so dry that I may even have to put Vaseline on my knuckles at night to keep them from cracking.

Another Body Shop product I LOVE (LOVE) is their Body Butter. It’s not only the most hydrating product I’ve ever used, it smells good enough to eat. Seriously, go smell them and tell me any different! I find that if I use this in the morning, my skin is still hydrated at the end of my work day. I also use Dior’s Creme de Rose lip balm, which I’ve talked about numerous times. It’s quite pricey, but nothing else I’ve used works as well. Normally I just put this on at night, but I’ve been toting it around in my handbag and using throughout the day.

At night I use my Glam Glow Thirsty Mud. It smells heavenly and is thick enough to last through the night. You may not even need a moisturizer when you wake up. But if you do, try First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream. It comes at a very reasonable price, lasts a long time and is great for anyone with sensitive skin. Lastly, I use Ole Henriksen’s Fresh Start Eye Cream to keep my under eye quenched and less puffy.

If you know of any other dry skin savers please let me know!

XO Amanda