Christmas Eve is the most wonderful day of the year in my family. Ever since I can remember we’ve dressed up and travelled to my grandparents house for a huge, wonderful meal, followed by presents, cider and lots of laughs. Nowadays we are really guilty of being stuck to our electronics, so maybe this year we can unattach ourselves for just a bit. Although I’m very guilty of being on my phone and laptop a great deal of the time and this year I have a laundry list of things to do while I have the free time – blog planning, picture taking, website editing, and of course posting on social media. But maybe for Christmas Eve I will make an exception!
When I was little the adults would open all of their gifts Christmas Eve and I would open mine Christmas morning, but now I get to take part the night before! It’s sort of non-traditional, but it’s our tradition and I love it!  Normally I get fairly dressed up for Christmas Eve dinner, but this year I decided to plan something much more comfy & casual, but still festive. I couldn’t believe I found this holiday sweatshirt at H&M so last minute and for only $9.99! It pairs perfectly with my Alo Yoga leggings, and of course the comfiest Uggs ever made. 
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s highly requested post all about my haircut & color!
XO Amanda