Can you tell which stick I liked the most haha?

My most used shades are the yellow third from the left and the contour shade on the far left.
Excuse the fuzziness – the lighting was not working with me.
Ever since Jaclyn Hill talked about the Smashbox Contour Stick Trio I’ve been dying to try them. So I picked them up last Friday from Sephora. Sunday was my first attempt at using them and I’m not an expert with cream products. Honestly, they scare me a little so I stick to my powdered comfort zone. What I really like about these sticks is that they are easy to use. You can apply highlight, contour and bronzer very precisely which is important when shaping your face. I went for a rather subtle look, even though when first applying it does NOT look subtle haha. 
For my heart shaped face I apply my highlight and contour is a very specific places. 
The contour goes into the hollow of my cheek bones from the middle of my cheek back to my hair line, under and on top of my nose (giving it a more perky appearance!), and under my chin (not necessary). The highlight (my favorite part) goes in downward V shapes below my eyes, down the bridge of my nose (I have a very thin nose so I don’t overdo this), on my cupid’s bow and in the center of my chin. You can also highlight under your cheek contour for a more pronounced look. Lastly, I apply the bronzer above my contour, and around my forehead.
Overall, I am happy with this product, but the jury is still out if its a must have. I’m not sure how much use I will get out of these sticks, as I am so addicted to my normal routine, but I will give it a little bit of time to see what I really think. 
Another plus is that the sticks come with a sharpener so you don’t have to worry about finding one the right size. It also comes with a handy contour book showing where to contour/highlight/bronze different face shapes. AND the formula is ridiculously creamy so they slide on with ease.
I set these cream products with my NYX Contour & Highlight palette which I absolutely recommend. It’s amazing, especially for the price – a must have in my opinion!
XO Amanda