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I don’t know about you, but my morning is always better & brighter with some yummy Starbucks! I’m very much a creature of habit when it comes to my drink order. I usually go to the same Starbucks location so at this point I don’t even have to tell them what I want hah. I’ve been on a bit of a Starbucks hiatus while I save some money, but I do have some Christmas & birthday gift cards and I’d like to try something new. I started googling Starbucks recipes and found an awesome site ( with all sorts of cool recipes you would never think to order and are not on the regular menu. So I decided I would share some of my favorites with you! Many are pink and perfect for a Valentine’s Day treat! 


Raspberry Milk Tea

Here’s the recipe:

  • Iced Black Tea made w/ Half & Half instead of water
  • Add an extra pump of classic syrup
  • Add toffee nut syrup (1 pump tall, 1.5 grande, 2 venti)
  • Add raspberry syrup (1 pump tall, 1.5 grande, 2 venti)

Raspberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

Here’s the recipe:
  • White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino
  • Add Raspberry Syrup (1 pump tall, 1.5 grande, 2 venti)
  • If you prefer your drinks extra sweet, increase by 1/2 pump for each size.
  • Don’t forget the whipped cream!
Raspberry Caramel Macchiato

Here’s the recipe:
  • Made the same way as a regular Caramel Macchiato, but subs raspberry syrup for the vanilla syrup found on the bottom of the drink.
  • Bottom to top it goes, raspberry syrup, ice, milk, espresso, then caramel on top!

Turtle Caramel Macchiato

Here’s the recipe:

  • Mocha syrup (2 pumps tall, 3 grande, 4 venti)
  • Caramel syrup (2 pumps tall, 3 grande, 4 venti)
  • Add choice of milk
  • Add espresso shots
  • Criss-cross over the foam or whip with mocha and caramel syrup

Here’s the recipe:

  • Berry Hibiscus Refresher (without the blackberries)
  • Replace the water with Apple Juice
  • Add Raspberry Syrup (1 pump tall, 2 grande, 3 venti, 4 trenta)
  • Top with a splash of Passion Iced Tea

Here’s the recipe:

  • Caramel Frappuccino
  • Add hazelnut syrup (1 pump for a tall, 1.5 pumps for grande, 2 pumps for venti)
  • Add java chips
  • Whip cream blended in
  • Coat the cup with caramel sauce
  • Top with mocha drizzle

All Starbucks recipes are courtesy of!

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