It’s Friday Ya’ll!
I have some exciting things to share today. 
1. I got new glasses!
This may not sound super exciting, but I got new glasses yesterday and I am oh. so. excited. No joke, I haven’t purchased new frames & lenses for over THIRTEEN years! I know this sounds crazy, but I never wear my glasses. I’ve been in contacts since fifth grade and only wear frames at night. Partly because it’s less comfortable and partly because I haven’t really liked my glasses for the past couple years. I’ve been lazy and unwilling to spend the money on new ones, but finally decided it was time. Originally, I had planned on getting a pair of from Tiffany’s, but the place where I shopped didn’t carry the brand. I ended up buying a pair of Lulu Guinness frames and you can see them here (L883). They are tortoise & light pink! 
I knew it would take me a while to decide which ones I wanted, because usually I’m incredibly indecisive, but I found a pair I loved right away! They were tortoise & light turquoise by Banana Republic, but sadly I couldn’t get them. I have really, really bad eye sight and unfortunately, my prescription is so strong that part of the lens juts out of the back of the frame. That’s bad enough, but with the pair I originally fell in love with it would have been crazy looking. SO…I ended up spending two hours in the eyeglasses shop trying pair after pair to see which would look the best and have the least amount of lens showing. Luckily I love the pair I chose and in 7-10 days will be able to wear them around town! 
2. My new favorite Starbucks drink

This pretty baby is an Iced Raspberry Caramel Macchiato and OMG it’s delicious! I don’t know how I’ve lived without the raspberry syrup for so long. To me, it’s 100 times better than the original recipe and of course I love the fact it’s pink! You can find the recipe here and some other fun drinks that aren’t on the usual menu.
3. My NEW favorite concealer brush

On to today’s main post topic! I’ve been meaning to share my new favorite concealer brush for a while now and finally remembered yesterday while doing my makeup. It’s not intended as a concealer brush, but it works SO well. The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush is a very dense synthetic brush so it’s great for pressing and blending concealer into the skin, while not eating up the product + it’s only $10. & it’s angled so you can get into the hard to reach places around the eye. I’ve been using this as a blending concealer brush for several months now. 
Before I use this brush I like to apply an under eye concealer with a pink tone. I apply with a small flat concealer brush and blend with my finger, pressing the product into the under eye area. Then I apply my favorite concealer to highlight my face, blending with the sculpting brush.

4. You can now SHOP my posts!! << yayyyy!

I am so excited to share you can now SHOP MY POSTS. You’ll see a product bar below where you can scroll and click through straight to sites where you can buy the items I talk about in my posts. You’ll also be able to visit to shop my photos I post on Instagram. I haven’t added any yet, but stay tuned and check often! This will make shopping so much easier! 
Have a fabulous weekend!
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XO Amanda