Good Morning! 
I don’t know about you all, but I am thrilled that today is Thursday. My Monday-Wednesday was basically madness…working, traveling, teaching, running home to tend to Heidi, cleaning, cooking, doing my hair (yes this is a time investment) and did I mention sleeping?…well there wasn’t much of that. SO, needless to say, I am so glad this week is on the other side of hump day. 
One of the products that makes my busy life so much easier is NYX’s HD Concealer. This concealer is not only easy to apply and blend, but comes at an incredible cost! I run through these pretty quickly, but let’s be serious, it’s not the worst thing in the world when repurchasing a concealer costs you $4.99 (compared to NARS Creamy Concealer $29). The only difference between this product and NARS is that the consistency is not quite as thick. I prefer NARS for true blemish cover up, but NYX concealer is amazing for highlighting and concealing darkness. 
I buy mine in the color porcelain, because I love a light conceal/highlight and my skin is normally pretty fair (even when I fake tan). I highly recommend this product, especially for those of you who don’t see the point in spending an arm and a leg (sometimes your whole body) on beauty products. And for those of you who are used to spending your life’s savings on pretty little products, you need this too! 
XO Amanda