Fall Trends

Mark your calendars. The first day of fall is September 23!

I’ve never been more excited for Fall to roll around. This summer has been tiring, chaotic, super hot and honestly fairly stressful. I’ve welcomed girl time, baseball games and Taco Tuesday’s, but I’m pretty ready to ring in October (plus I get to move apartments next month yay!).
I’ve picked out several fall trends that I’m loving this year. There are others like a new variation of goth and chic geek, but I’m really more of a pretty & polished, minimalist, trend type of girl.
Flared Jeans – The 70’s called. They want their jeans back :). Okay, so I’m not a huge lover of 70’s style, BUT I love me some flared denim. My favorite flared denim is tight to the leg, starts flaring after the knee and continues until it skims the floor (with booties or heels on). This style jean can prove frustrating for super tall ladies and also those of us who are vertically challenged. You really have to try multiple pairs of jeans if you want to find the perfect length without a tailor. More times than not you will need to get them hemmed, but you might get lucky! I’ve found two pairs that fit like a dream, including the pair above. I’m 5’2″ and I usually wear 3-4 inch heels. Nordstrom has a great selection and many of them are less than $60.

Fun Phone Cases – I’ve been loving the fun phone case trend and some are super extreme. Recently I was reading People Style Watch magazine and they had a phone case with hair and even one shaped like a soda pop with a straw. Now if you want to put your phone in your back pocket some of these are not ideal or absolutely will not fit, but they sure are fun and a great way to express yourself. Right now I have one from Kate Spade that is clear with rose gold dots. The best part?! It’s super thin so my phone feels like it isn’t so bulky.

The Lob (aka the long bob) – I could not be happier that shorter hair is all the rage right now! If you’ve been following me for a while or even the past few weeks, you know I recently cut off inches and inches of hair. And I promise I didn’t do it to be trendy! I just needed a change, and at this time it’s the quickest thing to transform (I thought about winning a million dollars, but it seemed less obtainable hah). I have an angled bob, which is shorter than “the lob”, but I’ve seen a lot of shorter bobs as well…lots of news casters lately AND Miss Kelly Rippa (sigh…love her!). 
Platform Sandals – I love a good platform (all my short ladies feel me right?!) This season a lot of designers are coming out with platforms in various colors and textures (ie velvet), much like the ones above by Steve Madden. Compared to stilettos, platforms offer a lot more stability and comfort, and usually hold the foot in more securely. I’m drooling over the wine colored pair above and I’d love a nice pair of leopard print.

Booties – Hello beautiful! Hello booties! If you don’t already own a pair, go go go – you need some! Booties were really popular last year and thank goodness they are gracing the pages of magazines and catalogs again. I love trends that last for several seasons or years so that I get my money’s worth. I’ve heard the booties above by Jeffrey Campbell are super comfortable and come in a tan and in a dark taupe. I love the leather, because I own so many suede booties and I’m always afraid the dye on my dark flared jeans will transfer.

Fringe Everything – Put some fringe on it and call it a day! Fringe heels, fringe booties, fringe shirts, fringe boots, fringe bags…get the idea?? A lot of fringe. Just be careful! There is such a thing as fringe overload. Pairing a piece with fringe and a simple outfit can make for the perfect statement.

Hunter Green – This is my favorite color for fall (and wine…I mean can you have just one favorite color?). The vest above is a perfect example of how to wear this season’s shade of green. I even found these awesome booties from Sole Society! The nice thing about owning a non-brown/black/tan bootie is that it will go with just about any neutral outfit!
Mod Makeup – I love liquid liner and I looove a cat eye! And one of this seasons trends is mod makeup. I’m not much for white eyeliner, at least on myself, but I wear a cat eye almost every day! I find that it really brings out the eye and can even change the shape. It’s a lot of trial and error, but KatVonD’s Tattoo Liner makes it so much easier!

Let me know what fall trends you are loving this year or pieces that I should consider buying! I hope you all have a great Wednesday – I’m praying it goes by quickly! I don’t know if there is enough coffee in the world for my tired eyes today…I started a new TV series last night and just couldn’t stop watching. And I will probably do the same tonight :). Some shows are just incredibly addicting!
XO Amanda