FAB Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser
FAB Face Cleanser
FAB Facial Radiance Polish
FAB Ultra Repair Cream
FAB Ultra Repair Lip Therapy

Let’s talk FAB – First Aid Beauty!

The first FAB product I tried was the Ultra Repair Cream. I loved the price point and the fact that it is safe for sensitive skin (I have to be pretty careful about what I put on my face). After loving their moisturizer I started building the rest of my FAB collection (from Sephora). If I could only pick one brand of skincare to use I would pick FAB, because I love all of their products I’ve tried and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

I am convinced the Cleanser will last me forever, because a little dab goes a longggg way…especially if you use it with your Clarisonic. And the formula is so luxurious and silky on the skin. 

My newest addition is the Milk Oil Conditioning Cream and OMG! I might have just found a dupe for MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil…AND the milky consistency doesn’t bother my eyes. This removes all of my eye makeup and strips a days worth of grim. This is a must have!

The Facial Radiance Polish I received as a deluxe sample and even the sample will last me for quite some time. What I love most about his product? The gritty consistency doesn’t scratch your face – somehow it’s very smooth.

Lastly, I received the Ultra Repair Lip Therapy in a duo pack with the Ultra Repair Cream. My lips have been chapped out of control this winter and let’s be honest, who wants to look at your flaky lipstick lips – nope, no one. This lip repair cream is so different from a balm, as it’s like moisturizer for your lips. I suggest exfoliating the lips too!

Somehow this has already been a long and draining week for me – yes I know it’s only Tuesday morning. Here’s to hoping it flies by so we can enjoy the weekend.

XO Amanda