Happy First Day of Fall!
So I saw the new fall Starbucks cups on Instagram and was so disappointed when my store didn’t have them, but turns out they were waiting until the first day of fall – so I ran over before work and got a Toasted Graham Latte – OMG! So yummy! But seriously, how adorable is this year’s design? It makes sipping your coffee even more enjoyable. 
In honor of the first day of fall, which btw way is gorgeous here in SW Virginia, I decided to share some of my favorite blanket scarves below. I feel like this trend got super popular last year an this year they are all the rage again. Make sure to pick yours up early, because the best ones always sell out! And they are so cozy and comfy to wear, especially if you are cold natured like I am. 
Two of the scarves listed below are under $15! I also included one high-end, because I do own a Burberry scarf and I really have gotten my wear out of it in the past few years (a big hug and thanks to my wonderful father who picked it up in England on a trip!). My #1 recommendation is probably for the scarf in the lower left corner. Incredibly well made and a great color combo for so many outfits.

Blanket Scarves

Have a lovely FALL day!
XO Amanda