SO apparently SW Virginia is getting hit with so much snow we are national news! I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like on Sunday morning when the snow is finally supposed to stop. It’s already so high cars are covered and Heidi can barely walk around (although she thinks it’s super fun). I’m not entirely bummed that I’m house bound for a couple days, because I’m stocked up on food and love some quality down time. I plan to get organized, clean the house, watch a ridiculous number of YouTube videos, plan my blog posts for the week and eat lots yummy snacks! Sounds pretty good right?! 
I’ve made a list of all the girly things you can do (in no particular order) if you’re snowed in too – 
or if you just want a #lazyweekend. Enjoy!
  1. Drink hot chocolate + whip cream & sprinkles
  2. Sleep, sleep, and sleep some more!
  3. Cuddle with your pup
  4. Self tan (Loving Tan is the bestttt)
  5. Give yourself a facial (try GlamGlow)
  6. Moisturize your skin (try GlamGlow)
  7. Watch your favorite movie(s)
  8. Sleep some more 🙂
  9. Get organized – house, clothes & makeup
  10. Clean your home
  11. Bake some cookies
  12. Exercise!
  13. Play in the SNOW
  14. Condition your hair (try Macadamia)
  15. Paint your nails (my favorite)
  16. Exfoliate your skin & lips
  17. Make sure you smell nice (love)
  18. Keep your lips super soft (the best balm)
  19. Online shop for a Valentine’s day gift for your #love
  20. Hydrate!
Happy #snowday!
XO Amanda