Monday is here once again, much too soon as always. But, what’s a girl to do!
I’m really excited about today’s post, as it is the first in a series of apartment posts I will be sharing. I decided to start the area of my home where all of my beauty routines take place – my powder room {well bathroom, but powder room sounds sweeter}. 
First, I must explain why I normally get ready in my bathroom as opposed to my bedroom where my vanity resides. My apartment is loft style and in my unit, like many others, I don’t have windows in my bedroom. I know this sounds very strange, but the massive window in my living room that overlooks the mountains makes up for it! Because I have no windows, it is hard to achieve the right amount of light to get ready via vanity, so I usually prefer my powder room. Though there are no windows in there either, the lighting is much much brighter.
Now, being separated from my vanity and makeup collection is not always ideal, but as you can see in the last photo, I circulate different products through the top drawer of a small drawer set. It actually makes getting ready much easier, because I’ve already decided which items to use the night before.
My bathroom is rather small, and I greatly dislike clutter, so working with the space as a beauty obsessed woman can be rather challenging. Recently I redid most of my bathroom to make it brighter and more “girly.” White always brightens up a dark room and gold is my new favorite accent color.
Below are the items shown in the pictures above and where to find them:
Shower curtain & hooks- TJ Maxx
Lips canvas – TJ Maxx
White fluffy rug – TJ Maxx
Toothbrush holder – TJMaxx
Plant & pot – IKEA
Sparkly mirrored tray – Hobby Lobby
Turtle jewelry dish – Francesca’s 
Brushes – Bubbi Brushes
Brush holder – old Bath & Body Works candle
White drawer set – Target
Stay tuned for most posts on other rooms in my home & have a beautiful Monday!
XO Amanda