Holiday Travel

I, for one, love to travel via the sky. Nowadays it’s definitely not as much fun or as glamorous, but I’m still a big fan of flying. I was brought up on airplanes and started flying alone when I was very young, so I feel at home in airports (+ how much fun is people watching right!?).
With all of the new restrictions on liquids and the size of your carry on luggage you have to get pretty creative. I’m already a minimalist by nature so that part isn’t so hard, but I still find paring down my outfits really tough. Even if I’m only leaving for a couple days, I always end up taking clothes for all sorts of events…and usually only end up wearing half of them.

My tips for packing?

1. make a list
2. pack and then repack
3. buy travel size bottles
4. bring clothing/shoes you can mix & match
5. use the rolling method
6. bring a spare bag for dirty clothes
7. pack a snack
8. start packing early!

So this year I’m really only taking the things I need. This year’s Christmas vacation is, sadly, pretty short so I really won’t need much and I doubt we will leave the house but once or twice. I will need a travel outfit, something cute for Christmas Eve (I found a sweatshirt at H&M that says “I want to be on the naughty list”), a comfy outfit for Christmas Day (we lay around all day), and something for Saturday in case we run errands, go shopping and/or decide to eat out. Luckily, I won’t have to pack any heavy jackets, because it’s supposed to be 70+ degrees! Which is awesome, but at the same time kind of sad, because I love snow on Christmas.

I’ll be carrying on a large tote that fits my laptop, airplane blanket, phone, key pouch with money and credit cards, and quart size bag with all my liquids + my L.L.Bean suitcase. I highly recommend this suitcase as it’s expandable and fits twice the stuff. It’s small enough to be a carry on AND you can monogram it so no one ever mistakes your bag for their own!

As for my toiletries and makeup, I’m taking my Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer. All of my toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, etc. are travel size and fit nicely into the required quart size bag. One of the best travel container kits I’ve ever found was from CVS and I’ve purchased two! Most of the time travel bottles come in three ounces since that is TSA’s limit, but really three ounces is a lot for a short trip, and takes up a ton of room. The travel kit from CVS comes with .5 ounce, one ounce, and two ounce containers so you can pack so much more! I hunted and hunted online, but couldn’t find it, so make sure and check in a store near you!
Safe travels to all of you driving & flying for the holidays! 
XO Amanda