Holy Grail Products
Hair Oil // Hairspray // Facial Spray // Oil Cleanser // Micellar Water // Drying Lotion // Body Shimmer // Self Tanner // Mascara // Eyeliner // Lip Balm // Lipstick

I feel like I’ve shared quite a few products this week so far. And I feel like I’ve linked hundreds haha! The items above are ones I feel I cannot live without. It’s funny, because I pulled everything out and placed them on the counter so I could write this post and then ended up letting them sit there for a couple days. I tried getting ready without them and I literally could not. I had to keep going back to the pile and pulling things out. I’ve used all of these products for a very long time and use most on a daily basis. They are my tried & true and I would recommend them to anyone. The price points differ, but most are pretty affordable.

If you have any questions please let me know!

XO Amanda