Thanks to Kira Grace or the most beautiful yoga wear. Magenta leggings – enough said!
I love styling my work out gear for the trip to and from class!
“This is my gym shirt” – from Target
Hunter Boots make the perfect rainy day shoe for work out leggings.
Love this top I purchased at the studio and these amazing Kira Grace cheetah leggings.
An off the shoulder Karma Wear top (zips in the back) and lilac leggings from Beyond Yoga.
Alo Yoga got it right with these pink cheetah leggings. If I were leggings I’d be these (hah)!
These Alo Yoga pants fit like a dream. Something about the color is crazy flattering.
Sometimes you have to style your barre outfit for the season.
Taking comfy to another level. Lululemon leggings, UGGs and a oversized sweater.
Beautiful Karma Wear top (I also have in cream).
Karma Wear leggings in PB red! They are see through down both sides (scandalous).
Stay at home gym day with my bright Nike’s and some Vicky’s leggings & t-shirt.
Kira Grace leggings (rawr) and hot pink Lululemon jacket and of course some Jacks!

Yesterday I shared some recent posts from my Instagram and while I was scrolling through photos I realized how many pics I take in my Pure Barre gear. SO…I decided to dedicate an entire post to my favorite work out wear. Luckily, Pure Barre is the kind of work out where you can truly dress to impress (and let’s be honest when you look good you work out harder). When I go to the “normal” gym you’ll find me in my bright nikes, flared yoga pants and a cute tank, but nothing too artistic. In the studio, though, you’ll see off the shoulder tops, bright leggings, cut out shirts and lots of PB socks. 

Besides being great for your body, Pure Barre will also help you accumulate an ungodly amount of work out wear (I’m thinking about selling some of my stuff, let me know if you’re interested!). I should have cut myself off a looonngg time ago, but what is the fun in that?! As I stated above, I’m a big believer in dressing the part, whether you’re going to work or going to the gym. Taking care of yourself, your body and your appearance can do wonders for your mood and usually contribute to greater results & gains. 
Now, there is nothing wrong with a good ole t-shirt and work out shorts (keep in mind PB is pants/crops only), but sometimes you gotta have a little fun. Plus, most gyms and studios are surrounded by mirrors to help you check your form so you’ll be staring at yourself most of the time. Especially in barre classes – it’s imperative you check your posture and form the entire class. And once you leave the gym/barre/etc you can throw on some skinny jeans and wear your super cute top to run errands or out on a casual date!
Some of my favorite work out wear brands are below. And yes you will probably wonder why in the world yoga pants and tops cost so much, but if they are designed properly they are worth your money, trust me. They will hold you in all the right places and let you go in the places you would not like to be held. The quality of the materials is superior and they have intricacies you won’t find in most gym attire. 
Alo Yoga
Beyond Yoga
Kira Grace
Karma Wear
Pure Barre
Victoria’s Secret
Most people have probably heard of Lululemon. They have been hugely popular for quite a while now, especially with collegiate crowds and barre goers. Their tops and bottoms are designed for runners and yoga takers so they breathe in all the right places and hug tight where they should. Quick Note: Don’t freak out when you don’t fit into your normal size. The first time I visited a Lululemon store I felt incredibly self conscious, because everything fit so so tight, but it’s normal to go up a size (or a couple). I normally wear a 00/XXS and in Lulu I wear a 2 or 4. 
Some brands newer to me are Alo Yoga, Karma Wear, Beyond Yoga and Kira Grace. All four relatively similar, but different in their own ways. I have so many pieces I love from each company. They create tops and pants that are functional but pretty and creative. 
Some less expensive options are Target and Victoria’s Secret. They carry some super cute, bright colored pieces so check back often. The PINK collection by VS carries some really cute sports bras that fit really well and come in a wide variety of colors. They are also more supportive than non-bra specialist companies.
Lastly, Pure Barre has their own line of clothing, some through Splits 59 (another brand to check out), and the items I have purchased are really well made. Plus they say Pure Barre or have the PB symbol so you can rep around town!

Phew! I literally feel like I wrote a book today. Clearly I have a lot to say about work out wear and narrowing the pictures down was so difficult! If you have any questions about how things fit or sizing please let me know.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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