Favorite Makeup Wipes

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Hello Monday, Hello Friends!
I thought I’d share an Instagram Round Up today since it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted one. I picked out pictures with items that are still available, and if not, I’ve linked similar items I love. Make sure to check under each photo for links! You’ll notice that on Instagram my photos aren’t shop-able at the moment, but I always do my best to link them here on the blog. My hope is to have Instagram outfit links back up soon! 
I also thought I’d insert a quick California Chit Chat. It’s officially been over three months since I moved to Sacramento and I have to say it’s been nothing but wonderful! I was so, so ready for a change of pace, a change of scenery, and a change of career – not to mention I was ready to say “bye bye” to long distance with my man. Surprisingly, moving to California was a much easier transition than my move to Virginia. Maybe because I’d already moved before and knew what to expect OR maybe just because I loveee living here! 

We still have A LOT of traveling to do – and our friends remind us daily hah! We will definitely get to it very soon…after all our weddings and holidays and trips back to the east coast. In the meantime, we’re enjoying testing out tons of local restaurants and enjoying each others company. We are self proclaimed “home bodies” so we like nothing better than binge watching Orange is the New Black while ordering in pizza and cuddling with Heidi girl. 

I did start working so that’s been a plus! Yay paycheck! I’ve absolutely loved working with my new company and had no idea a work environment could be so wonderful. A great home life balance and a very positive atmosphere – I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on the opportunity. I was scared of job hunting at first, because I wasn’t sure I’d find a good fit and you never really know until you’re there and you’re working. But so far so good! 

Little Miss Priss aka Heidi is doing well! Had a bad haircut last week, but luckily she has no idea she looks rather unfortunate. We love her all the same…she’s just a little less fluffy and a little less cuddly. She officially turns three this Wednesday, which means it’s the big 21 in dog years! I bought her some toys that she’s already destroyed and some very yummy treats! She’s such a sweet pup even though she’s a #diva.

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the week and I’ll see you on Wednesday for Wear It Wednesday. You won’t want to miss it! I’ll be sharing the perfect 4th of July dress under $50. 
XO Amanda