Okay ladies & gents this is so so COOL! I”m talking about Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer.
I stumbled upon this product by accident when I received a sample in a package I ordered from CVS. I thought it seemed weird at first, but wanted to give it a try. I mean have you ever heard of a lotion you put on wet?! Such a strange concept right? BUT you have to give it a try!
Instead of showering and then applying lotion, you apply the lotion and then towel dry. You would be shocked how much faster and easier it is to put on this product first. It takes less than a minute and after you towel dry your skin in luminous and moisturized – no joke! I actually saw my skin glowing in the light :). Now, it’s not a “super duper” moisturizer, but for me, the perfect amount for every day. Plus, as much as I love my body butter, I hate putting it on. It gets under my nails and Heidi tries to lick it off the whole time (I feel like I should clarify that Heidi is my dog hah).
It’s $7.99 but a little goes a very long way! I feel like I won’t have to repurchase for a very long time. 
So go! go! go! to the store and pick some up!
XO Amanda