Today’s post is all about creating awareness. 
Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. The age of technology has now made cyber-bullying a problem and a growing concern. Being able to hide behind a screen creates an outlet for bullies to belittle and tease others. A lot of the time, people they don’t even know. Sadly, I’ve seen it happen so many times online or on IG – watching people call each other names, while they fight and carry on. It’s unproductive for everyone and no one needs the negativity. It’s clear a lot of Instagrammers, Facebookers, Tweeters and YouTube watchers have forgotten the Golden Rule.
The old staying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” could never be more false. Words hurt and in severe cases can cause depression and poor self esteem. Bullies choose to bully because they, themselves, have insecurities and the internet allows them to become whomever they choose, creating a false reality – while they take it out on those who choose to be themselves.
I’ve never understood the mentality behind building yourself up by bringing others down. I feel there’s nothing more uplifting than giving someone a compliment or brightening someone’s day. I know how good it feels for someone to say something nice to me when I’m feeling down – it completely changes my mood.
We need to #spreadlovenothate so #helpspreadtheword and #kissandmakeup. Let’s help put a stop to #cyberbullying. Tarte Cosmetics and Bystander Revolution have teamed up to help promote awareness using the hand kiss photo. Post your own photo on Instagram with the hashtags #kissandmakeup & #anticyberbullying and tag a friend with a positive message. We can always use more love in the world!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, love-filled Valentine’s Day! I was lucky enough to spend mine with an amazing guy – who loves me for me and embraces all my big, crazy dreams. I’m incredibly thankful for movie nights, lazy days and Netflix marathons that involve way too much candy. So happy to be with you babe (thanks for being my #1 follower) – and finally under the same roof :). 
btw – my lipstick is St. Germain by MAC.
Thanks for reading and have a fabulous week!
XO Amanda