I’m sure you saw many mentions of Gerard Cosmetics and their lipgloss Shimmer of Hope last week during my giveaway. I decided to devote an entire post to my collection of lighted lip glosses. I honestly don’t know how I accumulated six different ones, but hey it happened! 
Besides being great glosses, the crowning feature of this product, is the lighted tube & mirror. When you open the product a light will come on so that you can apply your lip gloss any where any time. And the mirror is the perfect size! The consistency and pigmentations are surprising. They are fairly thick, long wearing and very pigmented {in a good way}. I definitely think you get your bang for your buck.
As you can see they are mostly in the same color families – nude & pink. I’m very much a creature of habit when it comes to buying lip products and my comfort zone is very neutral {I am dying to buy some of their darker colored lip glosses in the berry family so I’ll let you know if I do!}.
You may be wondering why some say Whitening Lightning and some say GC {Gerard Cosmetics}. Originally Whitening Lightning produced all of the lighted lip glosses and just recently all of the lip glosses have been moved over to their cosmetic line Gerard Cosmetics {known for their beautiful gold packaging}. I’m so glad they did, because I am a huge sucker for packaging! 
As you will see in the pictures, each gloss I own was swatched  so that you can see the color variation. And yes, three of them in particular look very similar so let me help explain the difference!
Butter Cream, Shimmer of Hope & Nude look very very similar in the packaging and on paper. I actually had to look at the bottom of Butter Cream and Shimmer of Hope to know which was which. BUT, on the lips there is a huge difference. Shimmer of Hope is a beautiful, light nude {without much brown}. Butter Cream is much more of a pinky nude – I actually think it’s a little bright for my liking. Nude is a browner nude gloss – a cult favorite among YouTubbers.
I stared by favorites next to their names. Sugar Mama and Shimmer of Hope! Okay, let me preface this with saying I love light colors on my lips. I have pretty fair skin and light lip pigmentation. Sugar Mama is a very light pink – we are talking bubble gum lips. I recommend using this in the center of the lips for definition when wearing it for work, because it is a little too Barbie for corporate America. Shimmer of Hope, as I stated, is a beautiful light nude…I think a staple of every makeup collection.
Lastly, Pink Tiara & Fiji are pretty pretty pinks. Pink tiara is a great every day pink, while Fiji screams, well, summer time. It is very bright, but perfect for a pop of color.
I hope this was helpful! If you have a favorite Gerard Cosmetics gloss that is in the berry family please let me know, because I am on the hunt! 
XO Amanda