Today I have to tell you a classic Heidi story. 

If you’ve been following me for long you know that Heidi, my little puppy princess, does as she pleases. And yes, I may be partly to blame for her entitled behavior, but sometimes a mom just can’t say no hah! This past weekend, though, her and I needed some time apart. I’m going to be traveling with little miss priss soon and will need to keep her confined to a dog bag for over eight hours (insert stressed out, crying emoji face here). I knew this was going to be a battle from the start, because Heidi hates to be confined. She’s crate trained and sleeps through the night which is great, but when it comes to travel she’s just not having it. I’ve tried treats in the bag, her favorite toys in the bag, leaving the bag out for her to get used to, and nothing has seems to help. I’ve now resorted to prescription sedation, not for myself, although by the end of this I may need some as well haha.
This past Saturday I had an afternoon appointment for Heidi at the groomer and figured it would be the perfect time to try out her meds. I’d tried them once before at the dosage the vet prescribed and nothing happened. So I upped the dosage and waited for the pill to kick in…and waited…and waited…after two hours I actually think she had more energy than usual. Still hopeful, I brought out the beautiful, pink dog bag I’d purchased online and placed her in it to see what she would do. No joke, in the five minutes it took us to get from my apartment to the pet store SHE CHEWED THROUGH THE FRONT OF THE BAG. I almost couldn’t contain my frustration. How can such a precious, small animal be so destructive?! 
So as you can guess, my anxiety about traveling with her is now at an all time high and I’m $60 poorer as I had to buy another brand new pet carrier. I went back to the vet yesterday morning to explain to them what exactly I’m dealing with and asked them to help me find a different medication. Unfortunately, what she was given is the strongest sedative they prescribe (insert laughing crying emoji next to emoji blowing smoke out its nose). Apparently, much like people, drugs affect all dogs differently. He prescribed Heidi a different medication that I’m praying will have some sort of drowsy, happy, sedating affect. And I’ve decided if all else fails, I will be packing a muzzle, booties and some really strong duck tape (for the holes she makes in the bag, not her lol).
Luckily, Heidi’s saving grace is that she’s so stinkin’ cute and so freakin’ lovable.

While picking out a new pet carrier at I found these adorable Harajuku dog toys! Heidi goes through toys rather quickly, as you would probably guess, considering the dog bag was no match for her sharp little teeth and sheer determination. So far these two have lasted a couple days! 

A couple hours after writing this post I tried the new medication…


(a lot of people ask about Heidi’s 
breed. She’s a morkie -maltese/yorkie mix)

XO Amanda