Luxury Wish List

Vanity // Bracelet // Pumps // Perfume // Brush // Blow Dryer // Foundation // Makeup Bag // Tote // Bikini

Good Morning Friends!

I was having a hard time deciding what to post about today so I thought I’d share my updated luxury wish list. I posted one last year here. I definitely will not be buying all of these items in 2016, or even a couple of them (I am on a major spending freeze), but I think it’s always great to have reasons to save your money – things to aspire to buy. Whether it’s a new car, a home, a piece of jewelry…whatever suits your fancy! All of these are items I’ve had my eye on for a while or recently found and fell in love – like the brand new Triangl Bowie bikini in Passion Pop (literally drooling).

The first item I plan to purchase is the blow dryer from Bio Ionic. You all have probably seen me post about this before. I finally purchased my new ghd straightener last week – it’s amazing, so this is next on the list. I’ve had my blow dryer for over eight years now and I need something that does more than just dry my hair. The Bio Ionic is actually supposed to reduce drying time, combat frizz, it’s under one pound and supposedly it could last you forever – that’s right FOREVER (insert clip from The Sandlot – that one’s for you babe).

The Louis Vuitton makeup bag, Louboutins and David Yurman are all way out of reach at the moment, but will be items I save for in the future. I saw the Renaissance Bracelet on Facebook the other day and died. I cannot even express how lovely I think it is! Kelly green has become one of my favorite colors and surprisingly it goes well with so many things. My Michael Kors Skylar watch in green has been on my wrist nonstop for over a year with every outfit.

I’ve also been pining over IKEA’s Hemnes Dressing Table for several months now and it matches all of my new bedroom furniture! I’m hoping to purchase it soon – I love the built in drawers and the large mirror that is already attached. Plus I think my vanity chair I already own will pair perfectly!

Oh and who wouldn’t want macarons?! Those are on my wish list every. single. day. Fun fact: my all time favorite macaron store is Olivia Macaron – delicious!

XO Amanda