Good Morning and Happy Monday!
I thought today’s post would be appropriate, because it’s day one of my new job and this morning came very, very early. Luckily, no Sunday blues yesterday, but definitely a little anxiety and a couple nerves – keep your fingers crossed for me today! I’ve talked about this before, but I’ve always struggled with mornings and have never ever been an easy early riser. I wish I had this “internal alarm clock” so many people talk about, because all I have is a snooze button hah! I will probably never be a “morning person,” but I’m definitely going to keep trying and have a couple of suggestions for anyone else like me who needs some daybreak determination. 
1 // Prepare for tomorrow. I always have a better, less stressful morning if I prepare the night before. I have a clothes rack from IKEA I hang my weekly outfits on and it makes things so much easier. No rushing to iron or steam or hunt down what I need at 6am. Plus, I usually like what I’m wearing if I give it a little more thought. And I don’t know about you, but if I feel like I look good, my mood is brighter and my productivity is higher. 

2 // Write yourself a “wake up!” note. I don’t always do this, but if I know I’m going to have to get up exceptionally early, usually for a special event or work trip, I will create an event on my phone, instead of the usual alarm clock. I like to do this because I can write a note to myself that tells me to “Get up!” “Don’t hit snooze.” It seems simple, but this really does help. 

3 // Start your morning with affirmation. Once I’m wide awake I like to start my day by writing in my Five Minute Journal. This step isn’t for everyone, but it encourages gratitude and gets you thinking about what needs to be accomplished for the day. In addition, you complete a daily affirmation..I like to remind myself I’m capable and kind and that good things come to those who work hard and give 100%. Many days it only takes me a minute, but it’s a minute well spent.
4 // Try to stay off social media. It’s rare I follow this advice, but getting on your phone first thing in the morning can really suck you in and can become a total time drain. Try and place your phone across the room or in your bag so that you aren’t tempted to look at it until you’ve finished getting ready or have the first break in your day.

5 // Make a cup of coffee [in a cute cup]. This is my favorite part of the morning (well a close second to putting on makeup) and the step I most consistently complete. I wouldn’t classify myself as a coffee addict, as I can go a couple days without it, but it’s something I enjoy – a quick morning treat! + It doesn’t hurt to have your coffee or tea in an adorable mug or tumbler. If you are short on time, like most of us are, and you need something more filling than coffee, a breakfast smoothie is a great choice – see my favorite here.

6 // Give yourself time to prep & primp. There’s nothing worse than being rushed to get ready. Especially if you work outside the home, where you get points for presentation! Again, if you feel like you look good (inside and out) most likely you’ll work harder. This is also true for the gym! Some days I will even lay out my cosmetics the night before so that in the morning, when my brain is still waking up, it will take little to no thought. If you’re a product junkie like I am, you know how hard it can be to decide on your blush and your lipstick – Light pink or peach? Dark nude or light nude? I know you makeup obsessed ladies understand!

7 // Listen to your favorite tunes. Sometimes nothing lifts your spirit or motivates more than music. I love turning on my Spotify account (I usually listen to what’s trending) or iTunes while I do my makeup at my vanity. It’s a great way to get into a good mood right from the start! If I’m not listening to music I like to turn on the morning news. As I’ve gotten older I’ve encouraged myself to stay on top of what is happening locally and nationally. + It’s a great way to start a conversation or weigh in on a group discussion.

8 // Leave early. Make sure to complete all of your morning tasks ahead of schedule. It never hurts to get into the office early and it will keep you from being late if you run into traffic (it’s not a bad idea to set your home and car clocks ahead by 5 – 10 minutes). I, myself, am about to learn all about leaving early, due to a California commute. On the plus side, there are palm trees and sunshine!

Remember, we all have “those days” where the coffee spills, you get a stain on your skirt, the dog pees on the rug, you forget something important at home, etc. etc…but that doesn’t mean the rest of your day won’t be great! And if all else fails, one of my favorite things to do to get into a positive mindset is to watch EllenTube. It’s a great way to get in a little a lot of happy!
I hope everyone had a beautiful and relaxing weekend! I feel like I got quite a bit done…several blog photo shoots, lots of cleaning, and even a little shopping. 

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XO Amanda