Happy Friday Beautiful Ladies!
I am exceptionally excited, because today is my first day with my new iPhone 6. I waited for a bit while the hype died down, but finally couldn’t wait any longer. I ordered the gold one and bit the bullet spending what I consider to be an exorbitant amount of money for a cell phone. Yes it’s wonderful and the picture quality is amazing, but seriously $$$$. 
Side note: don’t try and activate your new phone via the internet like I did. Somehow I got everything all mixed up and ended up having to call technical support – but Verizon tech support is truly awesome and so so sweet! They didn’t make me feel technologically incompetent. 
SO on to the purpose of today’s post – my Gigi New York iPhone 6 Embossed Leather Case in Magenta! OMG gorg! And for all of you who are wondering, my last initial is for my adoptive last name since it means so much more to me. The case is very thin which i love and the quality seems quite nice. The only thing I wasn’t expecting was the silver monogram (I thought it would be gold) and also the color is darker than the bright magenta I’ve seen on Gigi’s clutches.
Still, I would say this is well worth the money and so glamorous!
I hope you all have an amazing weekend filled with puppy cuddles, Starbucks, Pure Barre, girl time and some yummy food…wait…maybe that’s just me hah! 
XO Amanda