Big thanks to my beautiful & amazing friend Nikki for this gorgeous teardrop jewel bracelet. She’s listened to me swoon over the Alex & Ani Sour Apples bracelet (it has emerald green beads with swirls of white) and sadly they don’t sell it anymore. If they do someone tell me! So she found this darling bracelet from Marley Lilly and gifted it to me since I couldn’t find the other. AND it’s monogrammed! It doesn’t get better than that!
The bracelet is called the Monogrammed Teardrop Stone Bracelet.
It comes in serval colors and is currently on sale! As you’ve probably noticed I love arm candy and lately haven’t taken off my Michael Kors Green Skylar watch and my Alex & Ani collection. This bracelet goes perfectly with my watch and my gold & silver bangles. Can’t get enough!
If you’ve never checked out Marley Lilly’s site you should! I’m dying for this sweatshirt.
XO Amanda