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Good Morning and welcome to the very first Motivation Monday!
As I mentioned last week, I want these posts to encompass all things confidence building, happiness inducing, health inspiring, and obviously, motivating. So I decided to start off with one of my favorite breakfast smoothie recipes. It’s a great way to feel satisfied & full, while being a better alternative to sugary cereals and carb loaded bagels & breads. I find that if I start my day off with a healthy, filling meal, it really kick starts my motivation and heightens my energy. I’ve been drinking it as a replacement for my usual coffee & cereal and find myself feeling full until lunch. It’s also a great treat before or after a work out and pairs well with some natural, unsalted almonds.
A while back I pinned a similar smoothie recipe, but it contained banana, which I’m slightly allergic to…and it was just a little too bland. I decided to add in some coconut greek yogurt in place of the banana and it worked wonderfully! I also added additional peanut butter and a giant squeeze of honey. If you enjoy banana feel free to add it back in. I added up the calories and this smoothie comes to 345, give or take a few, which I don’t think is so bad if you’re drinking it as a meal or a large snack after burning some calories at the gym. The recipe below will make you one good size smoothie, so make sure to double or triple the ingredients if you are making some for your sweetheart or roomie!
Note: Try to buy unsweetened and natural ingredients. I find that Jif’s natural peanut butter has more taste than some, and Califia Farms makes one of the only unsweetened almond milks I could find at the normal grocery store. They also make amazing cold brew coffee! 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! Sadly, it rained here in Sacramento Friday and Saturday, but Sunday ended up being quite pretty. Kind of chilly in the morning, but a fantastic day to go out on the lake! Justin’s been out of town for work and luckily two of our sweet friends took me out in their beautiful boat. I had the most relaxing time drinking cider (one of the only alcoholic beverages I like – Crispin is the best), eating Trader Joe’s gummy bears, looking at new fashion magazines, and catching some much needed rays (although I used spray sunscreen and I’m definitely paying the price for my uneven application). I’m including a photo I took yesterday of Tower Bridge near downtown Sac, because the lighting made it look so scenic!
Make sure to come back Wednesday for another Wear It Wednesday!

XO Amanda