I am so sorry that I didn’t post yesterday and sadly won’t be able to post today! Moving and also being sick has gotten the best of me…but I promise another beauty or fashion post will but up bright and early Monday! As for the move, it’s going really well. I almost got all of my belongings from one apartment to the other which I was really proud of. And I’m really loving my new place. It’s smaller, but really cozy and actually set up in a way I much prefer – I can’t wait to post photos once it’s finished. It’ll be a little weird and unorganized for another week until my family delivers my new IKEA furniture. Heidi really has no idea what is going on, but I think she’s a little stressed, so I took her to doggy daycare today so she can expend some energy and not be freaked out by the mess.
Speaking of Heidi…here is a story sure to make you laugh on your Friday. As usual, after work a couple days ago I ran Heidi outside to do her thing and as we were walking back in we saw a gentleman coming into the building from work. His hands were full so I let him in while trying to keep Heidi from tripping him as she tried to greet him (as she does with all people). She’s the unofficial apartment building greeter. The gentleman stopped to reorganize his belongings and Heidi and I headed for the elevator to go upstairs. Now, the usual routine is that most of the time I take Heidi off her harness in the elevator and as soon as the door opens she beelines for our door. 
BUT, on this particular day she jetted out of the elevator and down the hallway away from our apartment. Now don’t worry it’s a very safe building and she can’t really run away, but she’s so defiant that she never comes back until I catch her – she thinks this is a funny game and that I need the exercise I guess. 

Well, in walks the gentleman who still has his hands full from work. 
What does Heidi do? 
Yep, quickly makes her way down the hall to accompany this man home (on the opposite side of the building from where I’ve been standing). I know this is what she’s doing and I try my best to run down the hallway in my heels, but to my dismay and horror she slips right into his apartment as he opens the door! He didn’t even see her behind him. So here I come…”sir…sir..Sir! My dog is behind y…and before I can finish my sentence in she runs.
So there I stand mortified that my fur child has just let herself into some stranger’s home and also that I’m at fault for her horrible behavior (she seriously needs to go to doggy boarding school – yes that’s a real thing). Luckily, the gentleman was very kind and told me I could come into catch her. So in I run to his home, which thankfully was clean (and beautifully decorated if I might say). As Heidi cowers in surrender and I slap her leash on, my eyes slowly look up to see a equally stunned lady jump off the bed to get out of view. Don’t worry she was clothed, but do you know that awkward feeling when someone stops by and you have a face mask on or you haven’t brushed your hair? I think this is exactly how she felt by my intrusion. If for some reason she reads my blog…I am SO sorry!
I finally rushed Heidi and myself out of this man’s apartment as he stopped me to ask Heidi’s name. I told him and then assured him she was going home to time out (which really only meant she didn’t get a treat for going outside). After the fact I can have a really good laugh about the whole ordeal, but at the time I was incredibly embarrassed. Makes for a great story though! Life with Heidi is never boring.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and great weather. I hear it’s supposed to be cold here so I plan on unpacking and organizing and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. Happy Friday!
XO Amanda