When you own a surplus of beauty products it can be hard to pick out your “favorites,” but lately I’ve been trying to do just that. The whole moving process created a great time for me to clean out (and there’s more cleaning out to come!). My makeup was not an exception to the process and I sold, gave away and threw away a lot of products that were old, I didn’t like or didn’t use. My goal is to get my beauty arsenal paired down to only items that I love and use on a regular basis. That’s not to say I won’t have multiple blushes and lipsticks, however, right now I have too much inventory and not enough time to use it all up. 

So…that brings me to my bronzer “favorite.” While perusing Sephora a couple months ago I stumbled upon Make Up For Ever’s new Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer. Of course the packaging is slim and beautiful and I ended up choosing shade 20M, because it wasn’t too light nor too dark and it had more brown and less orange undertones.
And I instantly fell in love!
The Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer is gorgeous on the skin! The formula is more dense so sometimes it’s hard to tell how much product you are picking up at a time on your brush (love applying with MAC’s 168 Large Angled Contour Brush), but it’s also build able. What I love the most? This bronzer has a phenomenal sheen/glowing property. It isn’t glittery by any means, but makes the skin look sun kissed and refreshed. This will definitely be a repurchase once I run out. It also claims to be waterproof.
This is a higher end product but totally worth the $$$. Plus, if you shop at Sephora and end up not liking something you buy you can return it at any time – even if you’ve used most of the product!
Happy Tuesday & Happy Bronzing!
XO Amanda