Good Morning Monday!
I’ve had quite a few questions about my hair care routine and what products I use. My routine is really not too intensive and I’ve narrowed down the products I use quite a bit. I recently got my shampoo and conditioner in a much larger size with pumps which I highly recommend. It lasts a lot longer and it makes showering much more simple. I have pumps on just about everything including my body wash (make sure to ask at Bath & Body Works if you buy lotions or body wash from there – I got gold and pink pumps recently!). I thought I’d share my step by step routine below…please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Step #1: Use Pureology Hydrate Shampoo. I let this sit while I use my body wash and then I rinse. I used to use wayyy too much shampoo until my hair stylist informed me I should be using less than a quarter size…and that’s when I had long hair! She said if it doesn’t seem like enough to just add water, not more shampoo. The things you learn way too late in life!
Step #2: Use Pureology Hydrate Condition (I usually use two-ish pumps). I like to let my conditioner sit on my hair for as long as I can while I exfoliate and shave. When I want to deep conditioner my hair I use Macadamia’s Deep Repair Masque – really amazing for coarse or damaged hair – and the winter time.
Step #3: After I rinse out my conditioner I squeeze out all of the excess water, towel dry and then tie my hair up in a towel while I dry off, lotion and wash my face, etc. Then I brush out my hair (I use a thin Chi brush…I need to invest in a nicer brush) and apply two pumps of Macadamia Nourishing Leave-In Cream. Then I brush out my hair again.
Step #4: If I don’t have to go anywhere right away (usually I wash my hair at night) I let it air dry for a while while I eat or blog or watch tv. Once my hair is slightly damp I will blow dry while brushing out with my Chi brush. I’ve had a CHI blow dryer (similar) for well over seven years now (holy cow!) and it’s still going strong. I can’t find it online anymore, but I have my sights set on this baby once I decide to upgrade.
Step #5: After my hair is completely dry I will apply Moroccan Oil (the original) – I forgot to post a picture above. This is crucial to my hair looking silky and healthy. I don’t think I could live without it! Sometimes I also use Moroccan Oil with my leave-in cream for added nourishment. 
Step #6: Next it’s time to straighten (I use this and want this) or curl (I use this) – my favorite part! [fyi: If I wear my hair naturally curly I don’t brush or blow dry.]  I use CHI Iron Gaurd before sectioning off my hair, usually into three sections. Even though my hair is short it is still very thick. When straightening I use a carbon comb (it doesn’t melt due to the high heat) and run it through my hair before I place the straightener on each section of hair so that it’s smoother and straighter. The hardest part about my new, short hair has been straightening the back – it’s a challenge sometimes! If I use my curling wand I still section my hair and when I’m done I finger brush my hair so that I don’t undo all of my work, but so that it’s less precise. 
Step #7: I use Moroccan Oil once more! If my hair is curly I scrunch in the product versus running it through with my fingers.
Step #8: I use my carbon comb (you can find these are beauty supply stores) to tease sections of my hair. This is also a requested post that I promise I am working on, in addition to pictures of the back of my hair – coming soon! I tease from bottom to the top. I will take a large chunk of hair and tease, then let out a portion from underneath and tease again, until I get to the very top. I tease a section in the back and then the right and left sides separately.
Step #9: Once done teasing I use this hairspray (my all time fav) to set the volume and then I use my comb to lightly fix the shape of my hair, being careful not to undo my teasing work. Then I set again with hairspray. Sometimes if the front keeps falling I will use this hairspray to really keep it in place. I don’t use it all over though because it makes the hair pretty stiff.
Step #10: Viola hair is done! Take a #selfie 🙂  
Also, I usually only have to wash my hair once or twice a week, because it doesn’t produce oil very fast. If I need a touch up before my next wash I use Batiste Dry Shampoo (it’s the best!).
I hope this was helpful and I hope you have a wonderful Monday!
XO Amanda