I posted recently about the first day of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale which, until Thursday, was only open to cardholders. Yesterday was the first day the sale was open to everyone so I’m featuring some more of my favorites! 
The tassel Steve Madden‘s are a great price and perfect for this season. I ordered some similar that unfortunately were not comfortable and I had to send them back. Super cute, but the way they were designed didn’t work with he shape of my foot. I’m interested to see if these fit any different. The pumps are Sam Edelman and cheetah print so enough said right?! The heel size is perfect for work and play. They would look amazing with a neutral black and white outfit.
I saw this GHD straightener and thought I’d throw it in the mix. My GHD is by far my favorite straightener I’ve ever used and this one is around $40 cheaper. It’s not a huge discount, but it’s worth it if you’re already in the market.
As for the clothing, I thought these white jean leggings were awesome! And under $30! They look like they would fit really well while being thick enough to be pants (the last thing you want is the sunshine exposing your pretty undies when you realize your leggings aren’t opaque…) One of the items I’m the most excited about is the top featured above. It comes in several colors and many bloggers have purchased, raved about, and posted pictures that look amazing. I really want it in green, white and blush (and black – okay so I want it in every color).

I hope you have fun pursuing and shopping the sale!
XO Amanda