Found this adorable kimono at Target…I saw the pom moms and I was sold!
Nothing is better than beautiful fresh roses around the house. 
First warm day wearing my Coach peep toe booties. I wear these all the time.
The best baby around – and she knows it! #divadog
Full Easter outfit post and details here. This is the only watch I’ve worn since Christmas!
Snagged these adorable bow studded heels from the J.Crew Clearance Store.
Peach Malibu featured in my post here.
Beautiful Easter weekend with the pups! Making them all sit was a task and a half.
Mid day Dunkin run for sunshine and a quick pump of caffeine.

I hope you have a beautiful Thursday! Guess what?
Tomorrow is Friday! Yayyyyyyyy! (can you tell it’s been a long week?)

XO Amanda