Found this little beauty at TJ Maxx for $2.99! Fun fact: I own more coffee mugs than regular glasses.
Black Lush Tunic // Black J.Crew Cropped Pant // Jessica Simpson Mules (now $29.40!)
Grey Suede J.Crew Booties
Altar’d State Beaded Tassel Bracelets // Alex & Ani Charms
Super Comfy H&M Sweater // Black J.Crew Cropped Pant // Jessica Simpson Mules (now 29.40!)
Another fab TJ Maxx find!
Still loving my short hair! Love, love, love.
Cleaning out my apartment and found my DZ bid day card! So many memories 🙂
I’ve been carrying this Tory Burch tote non-stop for weeks now! My fav fall color.
Who else is happy that it’s finally Friday?! (insert hand raising emoji here).
I don’t know about you but I am sooo ready for the weekend. I seriously need to get myself organized. I’ve been out of sorts this week and have let my apartment and organizational skills go down the drain. I haven’t even worked out! So I’m planning to get up on time (this never happens) Saturday & Sunday so that I can finish cleaning out and so I can utilize all of the free time the weekend has to offer. I’m meeting up with good friends for Pure Barre Saturday morning and then going out for lunch with one of my PB besties who recently moved away. Then the usual blog planning, grocery shopping, puppy cuddling, wine sipping, cleaning, etc. etc. etc. 
To be honest, I’ve sort of been in a funk lately and I’m trying to snap out of it. I don’t know if it’s the seasons changing or just the ever changing events of my life. 2015 has been a very transitional year for me and I’ve been waiting for 2016 since January hah – no joke! I keep telling myself the hard work and the life experience (all that it entails) will pay off in the end. But for a pessimist like myself that’s easier said than done. Sometimes I wish there were a rule book for life (anyone else feel me?), but then I guess it wouldn’t be quite as exciting. I’m definitely excited to my move, because it will be a much needed change of scenery. New furniture, new artwork, new space. Plus I’ve had to force myself to purge quite a bit – paperwork, trinkets, makeup, clothing, etc. which in turn makes my mind feel much less chaotic. Which proves helpful as I try to navigate the day to day. Always asking myself what comes next? Where do I belong? Where should my career take me? Should I buy another morkie (kidding)?
Is your mind spinning yet? hah! I don’t know if any of you ask yourselves the same things on a daily basis. I feel like life is a roller coaster of questions and events. Some days I feel like life is perfect and I’m headed in the right direction…the next I wonder what in the world I’m doing. I’m definitely not perfect and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but I truly believe if I remain authentic and honest it will all sort itself out in the end. I struggle to not let past experiences shape my actions and reactions in work, love and life – but again, easier said than done. It’s all a process of successes and failures, where both shape us into the people we are. And in the end all I/we/you can do is just keep strutting along in the pursuit of all of the things we want. Maybe take a chance or two (this is where I should take my own advice)?! And hope those chances pay off.
I will leave you with the quote below.
Thanks for listening to my chit chat! Cheers to a wonderful weekend!
XO Amanda