Good Morning!
I thought this post appropriate with the beautiful weather that has finally come to say hello! I was shocked that I didn’t even have to wear a coat yesterday – I wished so badly I could work outside (OR have an office with a window hah). Lately, I’ve been wearing a pretty light pink blush from Tarte’s Amazonian Clay collection called Flush (I purchased mine at Ulta). It claims to be a 12-hour blush and I can’t say they are wrong. I’ve been wearing this from morning to night and it still looks flush(ed) in the evening – hah get it!?
I also feel like this blush will last me a very long time. A little goes a long way. It’s pigmented but also allows you to layer without being too overpowering. Word to the wise – take a minute to let the blush sink in before applying another layer. I find that when I first swipe on the product it looks super light and then moments later will darken. 
I hope all of you are enjoying some sunny & warm weather too! 
XO Amanda