Pom Pom Charms
Recently, I started noticing how popular bag charms have become and many designers and stores are offering all sorts of options. Monograms, cute figures, shoes, and my favorite…the pom pom. The great thing about bag charms is that they also double as key chains. I’ve been searching for a pom pom that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg (some are real fur) and finally found one on Nordstrom by Nila Anthony that was $15! This one is no longer available so I’ve included a faux fur $20 option by Halogen and all of the colors it comes in above. 
Then while shopping at H&M for a holiday top this weekend I noticed they had very similar pom pom bag charms/key chains at their register in raspberry, black and a peachy pink! And for less than $6!!! I quickly grabbed up the pinky peach one and slapped it on my key chain before leaving the store. I love it so much – and the quality, to me, is great! Plus, if it gets dirty I won’t be devastated because it was so inexpensive.

Thennnn as I was getting into my car to go home I got an email from Nordstrom telling me that the $15 pom charm from Nila Anthony was on backorder and that I had an option to cancel. So I ended up saving $15 and the trouble of sending it back. It all worked out perfectly! 
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find H&M’s version online, but if you’re interested make sure to check in store at check out or wherever your store keeps their key chains! I might even go back and purchase the other two colors this week :). These would also make great stocking stuffers or gifts for your gal pals!
XO Amanda