Today’s post will be short & sweet!

I wanted to share a small, but super practical luxury item that I’ve been using for the past several months. I don’t know why, but earlier this year I started disliking my wallet. Not the look or the brand, but just carrying a wallet in general. Whenever I would carry a clutch or needed to run a quick errand my wallet was always a pain. Switching cards in and out and sometimes forgetting something important like my license or credit card. And I felt like it took up too much space in my purse (even though most are the size of a small suitcase hah). I noticed a lot of bloggers I follow and one of my gal pals at work using the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch
So I sold my Kate Spade patent black zip wallet and decided to splurge! It ended up being worth every penny, because I no longer carry a wallet (actually, I don’t even own a wallet) and my LV pouch fits all of my credit cards and what little cash I keep on hand. Plus I can attach it to my keys anytime I’m running around town and don’t want to carry a bag. Lastly, the quality is amazing – I will seriously carry this key pouch forever. The leather and the craftsmanship are top of the line and if anything ever happens to your LV products the company will be sure to fix them!
Have a lovely Wednesday! (Oh, and Heidi says hello!)   
XO Amanda