As a self-proclaimed beauty addict, it can be hard to use up items entirely. Mostly because every day I want to use something new or something different. Different colors, textures, looks. I’ve been collecting products as I use them up and decided I now have enough to share. Some have become loves and some are total misses {not for me}. I’ve listed everything below with a short review.
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I’ve heard a lot of hype about these makeup removing wipes, but I’m just not a fan. The fragrance is okay, but the wipes themselves are very dry and I don’t feel like they properly remove my makeup. I did use the entire container in an effort to save $, but I won’t be repurchasing. The plus – you don’t have to rinse your face off after using!
I have to say the jury is still out on this product. I’ve had my MAC Fix+ for quite a while and am a huge MAC lover, but don’t know if I like the way this setting/refreshing spray disperses from the bottle. Maybe I just got a dud pump, but it always sprayed unevenly and I never felt like I saw results.
At first I thought this would be a love, but I didn’t like the lotion consistency. Instead of foaming like a traditional shaving cream, EOS Shave Cream is a non-foaming lotion. The smell is amazing, but I felt like the texture was too thin for my sensitive skin. I’ve actually stopped using shave cream altogether and use the razors with the built in shaving cream bar.
This liner is amazing. I haven’t touched another eye liner in months. Yesterday I found this product in brown and love it even more! For work I like a less intense look. If you’ve never tried this liner you need to. So much easier to create a winged look with the beautiful felt tip.
I received this sample size when I purchased my Lorac Pro Palette {also a love}. My skin has never reacted porely{haha} and I much prefer this silicone-like texture. I actually feel like my makeup went onto my face smoother and stayed on longer. Will purchase the full size!
This has become a cult favorite, but I am pretty certain this is causing me to break out every time I use it under my foundation. My last break out was so bad I’m scared to ever use this primer again. A lot of people absolutely love it, but I think I will stick with my Lorac and Mac primers.
Omg! Such a pretty self tanner. The perfect color of brown with no orange. I will repurchase this product forever and ever. I am currently trying out their self tanning lotion that slowly builds color over days of use and will let you know what I think!
Gorgeous. You need it. Buy it.
I much prefer my MUA lip gloss in Baby Pink. Originally i thought I would love this nude, but it’s much too dark on me. I have an aversion to nude lipsticks with too much brown. On someone with a darker complexion it would be really pretty! I also can’t decide if I like the peppermint smell.
I hope these reviews helped and I will be back with some more empties soon!
XO Amanda