Lately, I’ve been obsessed with hot rollers!
I feel like they are the best kept secret in hair – or forgotten since mine sat in my closet for months without use. I started using a curling wand and forgot how beautiful hot rollers make your hair. And so much volume! The only down side is the size of the packaging. Not easy to travel with or carry in your overnight bag, but hey when you’re home these bad boys should be your best friend!
I bought the jumbo hot rollers (More Big Curls by Conair) from Ulta a couple years ago and I’m such a fan! They were relatively inexpensive and work really well. They have a velvet covering and heat up hot and fast. Usually in the morning I will wake up, get a glass of water, put in my contacts, brush my hair and then plug in my hot rollers. I give them about 10 minutes to heat up while I do my foundation and then I head back to my bathroom to roll up my locks. The set I have comes with 12 hot rollers and I usually only use 8-9 of them and I have a ton of hair. I use fairly thick pieces of hair, because I like to have full, bouncy curls – no Shirley Temple curls for me! When I first wash my hair I blow dry and straighten the top half which keeps my hair from getting curly near my roots (I do roll the curlers all the way up to my scalp). I put in the rollers from the top of my hair to the bottom, this makes it faster and easier. 
I leave them in while I finish getting ready (ideally 30 minutes). I use my Elnett hairspray before I take them out. I don’t brush them out at all…I tease the roots and then use my comb to smooth everything out on top. Once again I spray with hairspray and the style stays all day!
XO Amanda