Some of My Favorite Things
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I realized today, on December 17th, that I completely forgot to post my November Favorites – and I don’t think I’ve ever missed a month! SO…I figured you all wouldn’t mind if I post them now and then I will also create a post for my December favs (and get ready, because there are lots of new goodies).

I’ve tried to be really money conscious these past couple months and that definitely includes spending less on makeup. Actually, I really haven’t spent anything on makeup, minus replenishing mascara (a life essential). I’ve been trying to use up products I’ve owned for a long time that have just been sitting around in my acrylic drawers. I cleaned out a lot, getting rid of things that were old, especially lippies, and I gave away & sold some things. I’ve pretty much decided I want to refine my makeup routine so that I have my go-to’s and then a couple special extras. I feel like it’s a waste of space and money to have so many things I never use.
My November “favorite things” are showcased above and all things I highly recommend. Many of them are close to running out, which is sad, but also a great sign I got my money’s worth. Someone asked me on Instagram last night which primer I’ve been using and it’s Dior’s Glow Maximizer. It’s very, very radiant, but when mixed with foundation it gives a beautiful glow, while also keeping your foundation in place longer throughout the day. Use a couple sprays of Fix+ and you’re skin will look even more flawless!

Has anyone tried the frap version of peppermint mocha?! Oh. Em. Gee. So yummy! I almost think I like this better than the hot version. Not sure how that is possible, but it’s incredible. I’ll be sipping these until winter is over and they take it away. Another winter fav is the marshmallow fireside wallflower scent from Bath & Body Works. It wouldn’t be my first pick based off the name, but my apartment has never smelled so good. I have three wallflowers in my 400 some square feet hah!

On a quick side note, I am seriously dragging today – anyone else feel like they need a long vacation?! For some reason I’ve turned into an insomniac the past two weeks and no matter how tired I am I just can’t go to sleep. Probably because I’m always thinking and planning and thinking and planning…but turning off your brain is so much easier said than done. And I’ve tried everything – turning my phone on airplane mode, drinking tea, reading a book, and still my body remains wide awake. I’m hoping this is just a phase (or hormones hahaha). If anyone has any recommendations, besides taking two benadryl, please let me know! 

Stay tuned for tomorrows Instagram round-up! 
XO Amanda