Stocking Stuffer

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One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the stocking.

For as long as I can remember stockings have always been a big deal in my family and usually by the time we are done packing them full of goodies they are busting at the seams. Many times we even have to have “overflow stockings.” And that’s not all! My grandmother and mom wrap every item, no matter how small, so the gift giving process lasts a really long time – sometimes I even find the best & sweetest gifts inside…blue boxes, lip glosses, and chocolate!

I picked out a couple items above I thought would be super cute as stocking stuffers (for some of them you might need a bigger stocking hah). One of my favorites, which would make a great gift for a friend, is The Five Minute Journal. I recently bought mine at Paper Source in Georgetown and have been loving it! The point of the journal is to start and end your day with positive thinking. Writing down things you wish to accomplish, notes of affirmation and lots of great quotes. I highly recommend if you’re into this sort of thing.

For the caffeine lover Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift cards are a must. I know I love saving money when I can on coffee since it’s something I buy almost every day. Or they can use it to buy coffee to make at home and sip it out of an adorable mug from Ashley Brooke Designs. The one I own says “I Woke Up Like This!” I’ve also included some items from H&M and Forever 21 where you can find unique items that won’t break the bank. And I had to include a beauty item – the best lip balm on the planet (seriously)Dior’s Creme de Rose balm. I’m not sure Dior still sells it, but you can find it at Sephora.

+ don’t forget your pets! All of the pups in my family get their own stockings to open filled with toys and treats. It’s always fun to watch them try and figure out what to play with first.

I’ll be sharing more gift ideas coming soon!

XO Amanda