After moving to California I started noticing that my skin was looking red, dull and dry. I hadn’t been exceptionally crazy about my skin before I left Virginia, but don’t think I ever gave it a whole lot of thought while living by myself. Moving in with Justin made me take a closer look, because I actually started caring what I looked like in my down time at home. There were definitely several factors at play causing my skin, especially my face, to act out. I attribute the dullness, dryness and redness to stress, travel, a new climate, and an irregular skincare routine. Since, I have worked really hard to make my skin better, brighter and more beautiful. Below are my recommendations. 
Find a routine and stick to it! The best piece of advice I can give is to find a skin care routine that works for you and to stick to it. I’ve realized that, like most things in life, consistency is key! It’s easy to try out a product for a couple nights, see little result, and call it quits – I’ve done this many times (usually with Sephora samples). Now that I have a pretty solid product lineup for day and for night, that I’ve really given a chance, I’m seeing much more positive results. 

Invest in a cleanse off oil. For many years I struggled to find a way to take off all of my mascara without pulling on my eyelids and pulling out my eyelashes. Fortunately, I heard about MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil via YouTube and gave it a try – and it totally changed my routine! Since, I’ve tried other cleanse off products, but MAC’s still stands strong as my tried and true. It may seem strange, but this product is designed to use on a fully made up, dry face. Using the oil while your face is dry causes your makeup to emulsify and slide right off. I like to use a warm wash cloth or makeup wipe to take off all the oil and residue before cleansing.  

Cleanse nightly. A good cleanser is one of the most important parts of a skin care regime. While cleanse off oil is great for stripping hard to remove mascara and makeup, cleansing gets your skin nice and clean. If you go straight to cleansing before using a remover wipe, cleanse off oil, or a micellar water to remove your makeup, you won’t achieve the cleanest canvas possible. I have very sensitive skin so I only use cleansers without fragrance and additives. My go to for over a year has been this one (a little goes a long way).
Gently exfoliate. Recently I discovered a new product and a new company that I love – Beautycounter! If you haven’t heard of Beautycounter, you’re seriously missing out. I participated in a Facebook event several weeks ago for one of my girlfriends and ended up winning a 4 oz. bottle of their Gentle Exfoliator Polishing Cream and oh.em.gee. it’s fantastic! You may think all exfoliators are created equal, but boy they are not. I have super sensitive skin, like I stated above, and this exfoliator doesn’t bother my face one bit. + it makes my skin feel silky smooth. Make sure to check below for an exclusive invitation to an exciting Beautycounter event coming next Monday and an opportunity to win an awesome #giveaway… trust me, it’s a good one!

Moisturize.  Moisturizing is important regardless of the season. Like my cleanser, I use a product (here) with zero fragrance that is dermatologist recommended. I normally purchase the 2 oz. bottle and it lasts me for a very long time. I always use it at night before bed and sometimes in the morning if my makeup primer isn’t very hydrating. I also recommend this cream for moisturizing overnight. Yes it’s pricey, but it lasts quite a long time AND it smells heavenly!  
Reduce redness. This has been the biggest issue I’ve had with my skin and I didn’t take the time to address it until recently. I don’t have any diagnosable redness like rosacea, but I’ve always had sensitive, fair skin with red undertones. While researching how to combat this problem I started hearing about hydrafacials. Before March I’d never had a facial of any kind, because I’d always been afraid it would make the redness worse or damage my skin. Fortunately, hydrafacials are designed for people with my skin type and leave the face super clean, hydrated, and bright. You don’t have to wait to wear makeup (although it’s recommended for a couple days and you probably won’t need to) and you can go about your day without having to hide in the house while your skin calms down. While at my appointment my aesthetician recommended this and it is by far my skin care game changer.

Zap zits. Pretty much everyone, yes everyone, suffers from the occasional breakout. And when you do you’ll want to try this product. I kid you not, I consider it a “magic” treatment. I’ll place it on an imperfection before going to bed. And 99% of the time it’s basically gone or much, much better when I wake up!

Try Vitamin C. While at my hydrafacial appointment, my aesthetician gave me a couple of samples from the company Image Skincare (which I later found out is the skincare sponsor of Miss USA). I just finished up my Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser and plan to purchase the full size. I love products with Vitamin C for the morning because they wake up the skin and leave you feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. Previously my morning skin care routine was nonexistent (insert hands over eyes monkey emoji) and creating a sunrise skin session has really helped!

Brighten those eyes.  I’m in the process of trying to find a night eye cream that I love (please send recommendations!) but for the morning I absolutely love this one. It has the most amazing brightening properties, making the eyes look and feel much more awake.

Hydrate. This is one of the few things I’ve been doing consistently for a long, long time. I understand the importance of drinking plenty of water and always try to keep water bottles nearby while at work. At home I have several cute tumblers that encourage me to hydrate regularly. It’s so important for your body and I guarantee you’ll see a difference in your complexion if you sip the recommended amount of H2O.

Okay, I know that was a long post – thank you for making it through – I have some very exciting news to share! On Monday, May 23rd I’ll be hosting an online Facebook event with my friend Reagan, who is an expert Beautycounter Consultant + there’s a super exciting giveaway for those who participate. If you’re interested, and I hope you are, here is how to receive your invitation: 

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Beautycounter + Pardon Muah

XO Amanda