I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this product before, but I’m talking about it again today!
If you’ve never tried any of Glam Glow’s products you should run out to your closest Sephora and try some samples. They are a higher priced skin care company, but in my experience worth the money. Their creams and cleansers are very high-quality and produce the results they claim (in my experience). I recently repurchased the Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment, because my skin has been horrible and angry. 
The product claims to help with pores, problem skin, skin imperfections, clarifying, spots, razor bumps (I actually didn’t know this until I was writing this) and in-grown hair. It’s also paraben free! I have very sensitive skin and this mask has never irritated my skin. It barely leaves my face red after and any redness that does occur quickly goes away.
I like to use this mask once or twice a week. Usually Sundays are when I go through my big, long skincare routine. I place a layer of the Supermud all over my face, avoiding my eyes and let it dry for 20 minutes (you can also use this for spot treatments). Once the Supermud begins to dry you can actually see it pulling the impurities out of your skin (no joke!). It’s sort of gross, but sort of cool all at the same time. Once I’m ready to remove, I use a warm wash cloth and remove all of the product. I guarantee your face will already feel refreshed! I follow up with a moisturizer (Glam Glow Thirsty Mud is also fantastic!).

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Have a great Tuesday!

XO Amanda