Thanksgiving Bucket List
For today’s post I decided to do write something a little bit different. I know everyone is inundated right now with posts about Black Friday deals and holiday outfits (see yesterday’s post here) so I thought I’d talk about something slightly out of the box – my Thanksgiving Bucket List.

For me, Thanksgiving has really never been about the food, mostly because I’m not a food driven individual. For me, it has always been about my family. Even though small in size, it’s a time for us to get together, to slow down, and to spend quality time together (even though everyone ends up on their digital devices…even my grandparents have iPads now!).

This year I almost worked through Thanksgiving, and for someone like me who has always been with my family, it was weighing on me quite a lot. I felt myself getting sort of disgruntled even though it was my idea to save my precious paid time off (does anyone else have to use PTO on the holidays?!). BUT, in a happy turn of events my plans have changed and I will now be spending Thanksgiving with family and lots of people I love. I’ll be traveling out of town and want to make sure while I’m gone I get to relax and visit places I normally cannot.

Poor little Heidi will be staying behind to play with her puppy friends and I feel rather guilty as a pet parent, but sadly she isn’t a good traveler. And you’d believe me if you spent hours (or five minutes) with her in the car while she throws a tantrum in her beautifully situated crate. Full of treats and toys and a soft mat to lay on…but oh no…Heidi won’t have it. But if she isn’t crated she will joyfully jump about trying to kiss me while I drive, investigating under the gas & brake pedal and one time she even managed to open my baby proof windows to playfully try and escape out the window (I almost had a heart attack). And yes, I have tried it all including a doggie seat belt which she quickly wound herself up in, all in a tizzy and then cried and carried on until I untangled her. I need the dog whisperer, a very good trainer, and probably a tranquilizer next time. Needless to say, it’s better she has a puppy vaca! And don’t worry she is happy as a clam at the kennel. I think it’s one of her favorite places to be!

Now that you know what it’s like to travel with Princess Heidi we can move on to the bucket list!

Dine at Virtue Grain & Food – my favorite restaurant!
Watch a Christmas movie (or two)
Spend lots time with loved ones
Ignore social media for a day – sorry in advance for this one
Try a turkey day food I’ve never had
Stay in my pjs for hours and hours (and hours)
Drink a glass of wine (or two or three)
Lose track of time
Cuddle with the fur babies
Wear an old outfit in a new way

I’d love to know what you’re looking forward to this holiday weekend! Remember to be thankful for all you have, and remember not everyone is so fortunate. It’s easy to wish and want for material things and forget all that you have that you can’t buy at the store. I’m guilty of this many days of the year and am so thankful for my friendships, love, family, furry pup, presence of mind and health.

In an effort to spend true quality time with my family & friends I won’t be posting on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. Thanks for understanding and Happy Thanksgiving!

XO Amanda