Hello Friends!
I took a bit of a blogging hiatus over Thanksgiving break and boy it was relaxing! I barely touched my phone, hardly looked at social media, ate tons of delicious food, laid around in my sweatpants and could not have been happier. It’s probably the first time in a long time that I’ve separated myself from my phone and my laptop. I wanted to invest quality time with my family and the people I care about, without looking at my phone every couple of seconds or running off to take outfit photos (not always super convenient)
Before I left for vacation I made a bucket list so let’s see how many things I can check off the list!

Dine at Virtue Grain & Food
Watch a Christmas movie (or two)
Spend lots time with loved ones
Ignore social media for a day
Try a turkey day food I’ve never had
Stay in my pjs for hours and hours (and hours)
Drink a glass of wine (or two or three)
Lose track of time
Cuddle with the fur babies
Wear an old outfit in a new way

So I only failed to mark one item off the list – pretty good if I must say so myself. I didn’t watch an Xmas movie, but we did go to see the last Hunger Games movie and it was awesome! For the most part we watched endless hours of Netflix & football. There was also ice cream, cookies and wine involved :). 
I thought about posting a Black Friday or Cyber Monday wish list, but I figure you all were already inundated and honestly I really didn’t shop much, because I’m trying to be a lot more fiscally responsible. But, if you did shop, there were some really, really good deals (just because I didn’t buy doesn’t mean I didn’t online window shop & drool)! The items I justified buying were Christmas presents and they ended up being such a good deal. The only items I purchased for myself were a new laptop case, because mine literally fell apart and self tanner from Loving Tan (20% off!!). Side note: if you self tan you must try Loving Tan – the besssttt!
I cannot believe today is the first day of December – where is time going?! Before we know it it will be Christmas and there will be snow…unless you are one of those lucky folks who live in Cali or Florida…so lucky! I’m hoping Christmas time will stick around for a while, because it’s my favorite holiday and ABC Family plays Home Alone, The Santa Clause and Elf over and over and over…and over. I’m going to work on some gift guides today when I get home and will be posting soon! 
XO Amanda