Most of you who have been following & reading Pardon Muah for a while know that a couple weeks ago I cut off a lot of my hair in exchange for a new blonder angled bob. Yesterday I went in for a trim and color touch up and am absolutely in love! Not that I wasn’t the first time, but we tweaked the layers so they are more blended and made the front more angled. AND my hair stylist used balayage again to give me a beautiful blonde! You can’t tell in this picture but my roots are still darker and there is a lot of dimension throughout (more pictures to come).
I’ve had a lot of questions about my hair and thought it might be a good idea to ask you what questions you may have. I’d love to do a post about products, teasing, tools, etc. 

So please let me know in the comments below what you’d like to know!  
I know a lot of you have asked about pictures of the back and sides so I will make sure to post views from all different angles [hopefully next week].
Have a wonderful weekend!
XO Amanda