Target Merona Sweater
Hi Friday.
Most people that know me learn pretty quickly that I’m a minimalist. And that goes for my wardrobe too. You may assume since I love blogging about fashion that I own a zillion different outfits, but I much prefer to wear the same things that I love over and over and over. Sometimes I will spend more for wardrobe staples (like the faux black fur vest I’ve posted 100 times here), but trendy pieces or items I know will wear out quickly, I love to find for a good deal. 
My point in saying all of this is that I did a lot…A LOT…of spring & fall cleaning and sold, gave away and trashed a lot of my clothes. Things that were too big, too old, or didn’t get any love on a regular basis. So lately I’ve realized I hardly own any sweaters for work. In turn I’ve been dressing more casual than usual and I finally decided it was time to step up my sweater game
I had to run into Target to pick up a gift & groceries Wednesday night and noticed a display of Merona sweaters that looked work appropriate and comfortable. I tried one on and instantly knew it was exactly what I needed. They aren’t made of wool so you can wear them all day without itching, they aren’t too thick so you won’t be sweating, and they only cost $19.99 – and right now they are on sale for $14 online (you can’t beat that)!! I usually wear an XS in tops and these sweaters fit true to size + they are long enough so there is less threat of shrinking or shocking people with your midriff at work. I purchased the design I’m wearing in the picture above, the grey checkered print and also a kelly green with stripes (I couldn’t find online)
If you’re looking for affordable winter sweaters you should definitely check these out! 
XO Amanda