Today is the first day of my week long travel series! 
Right now I’m somewhere sunny – where the sun shines all the time – and so far I’m having the absolute best vaca! I’ll tell you where I am very soon :)…if you don’t figure it out on your own (or if you follow pardonmuahinsta).
In order to make it to my current destination in a timely fashion flying was in order – plus I’ll fly just about any chance I get! I love, love, love flying, BUT I hate, hate, hate the 3oz – 1 quart size bag rule. I could pay the $25 and check my bag, but I just refuse and my carry on bag fits all of the clothes and accessories I could need for a week long trip. It took me quite a while to get everything in the proper size and it was like a jigsaw puzzle squishing them all into the baggy together. Some things I just can’t live without for several days. I don’t believe in giving up my hair care or skin care routine just because I’m taking a trip. Skin care is actually even more important when taking long flights because it dehydrates the skin and can cause imperfections and dryness.
Here are the items I chose not to live without:
Shampoo & Conditioner – I found these cute travel bottles at CVS. I wish they were a tad smaller, but there contoured shape helps them fit tighter together. I don’t like sacrificing my hair, so I squeeze my usual salon quality shampoo & conditioner into the travel size. What i don’t use traveling I will use in the shower when I get home so that I don’t waste any product. *The labels came from an old travel set.
Moisturizer – A while back when I was traveling I found the best travel size bottles at CVS! Most travel bottles are 3 oz or 2 oz, but the kit I found has bottles of all sizes so that you can fit more into your quart size bag. I used one of these for my First Aid Beauty Moisturizer. It’s a great every day cream for the face or the body and is thick enough to hydrate before and after a long flight.
Eye Cream – I love Origins Ginzing eye cream and luckily I own a couple baby size tubes. They last forever and are fantastic at brightening the under eye – also amazing for jet lag!
Eyes & Body Lotion – Because I’m a constant contact wearer I have to bring along my trusty Opti-Free (not so exciting). I also purchased a small body lotion for my trip from Jargons, but wasn’t able to bring it along, because it wouldn’t fit in the end. I’ll be bringing it along on another trip!
Hair Spray – Elnett is by far my favorite hair spray of all time! Thank goodness they sell it in a smaller size – even though it’ll cost you $8 – but it’s really worth it. Most travel size hair sprays make your hair feel like cement or they make my hair feel dirty super fast. Elnett has just enough hold, it’s a fine mist, and it keeps my hair feeling fresh for days on end.
Self Tanner – Maybe this isn’t a necessity, but for me it absolutely is. I self tan regularly, especially when going on a sunny, summer vacation. Since my trip is longer than a couple days, I like to bring a travel self tanner to fix spots that may start to fade or peel. This has been a life saver, because I got sun burned before I left and my self tanner started tragically peeling off both shoulders and the center of my chest.  I use a fluffy Real Techniques brush to apply self tanner to small areas.
Primer – In addition to my setting spray, my primer is equally as important. The girl who always helps me at MAC is wonderful and gave me a sample size in a small MAC container. She also gave me 3 extras to use for other products! The containers are the perfect size! It was a life saver.
Makeup Setting Spray – For the summer I feel like this is essential. If I’m going to put a lot of work into my makeup then I expect it to stay on all day and look great, even in hot temps. Urban Decay’s All Nighter is my all time favorite and the travel size is nice and slim.
I hope that this is helpful info for those of you traveling soon. Always ask your cosmetic stores or counters or samples of your must haves or for small containers to place your product in. If you are a usual customer there’s no reason why they won’t help you out! 
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on my new travel foundation!
XO Amanda