Sephora Holiday Wish List

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Why is it that Monday always comes around so soon? I think the weekend magically goes by quicker than any other days of the week…I vote for a 4 day work week!

My weekend was pretty uneventful. Heidi and I spent some quality time together, watched Christmas movies on ABC Family and cleaned out the house. It was pretty relaxing, but I feel like I need to be a lot more productive this week. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving week, but that doesn’t mean the work load will be any less (sadly). Plus I’m going to try and get a lot done towards the end of the week while most people are away from the office. It’s hard to get organized with the phone never stops ringing and the emails keep flowing.

Today’s post is super similar to one I published in October, but I realize that was so, so early for a holiday guide. I’ve tweaked my Sephora wish list a little and all of the links are above. I don’t own any of these yet, hence the wish list, but I’ve researched them all and they come highly recommended. Most come at a higher price tag, but are worth the value. For example, the blow dryer from Bio Ionic is supposed to last you your whole life…your whole life! I’d say that’s worth investing.

I hope everyone has a nice, short week and for those of you who are already on holiday vacation (lucky ducks), enjoy your time with your family & friends! It’s fun to shop and wish for beauty items like the list above, but it’s important to remember what really matters too – your sweet pet, a warm place to live, a meal on the table, and lots and lots of love!

XO Amanda