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During the past few weeks I’ve been looking & shopping for fun fall pieces and replacing my wardrobe with things I’ve recently retired or gotten rid of. I’m loving fringe – like pretty much everyone – and I’ve heard the boots above are extremely comfortable to wear. If you’ve been reading lately you know I’m crushing on Lush Clothing and the grey top above is new to their collection and comes in a darker grey as well. I think it would make a fabulous wardrobe staple and could be worn so many ways…with jeans, with a vest, in the fall, in the winter, etc. etc. etc.

I’ve also featured some beauty items. I recently found a new YouTubber that I love and she was wearing this nail polish on her fingers in almost all of her videos and I finally figured out the color. She loves Funny Bunny from OPI and you better believe I’m picking it up before my manicure this weekend! And as shocking as it may be, I have yet to purchase Jaclyn Hill’s highlighter for Becca Cosmetics. If you don’t know Jaclyn Hill then you need to subscribe to her channel – she’s like the queen of beauty and a phenomenal makeup artist. She teamed up with Becca to create this new highlight called Champagne Pop. I think my apprehension is that it’s more gold in tone which I don’t always love on my skin, but I’d love to give it a try.

I also have a severe obsession with Mocha Coconut Frappuccinos from Starbucks. This flavor combo was my absolute favorite a couple years ago and then they took it off the menu. They recently brought it back and I’ve been inhaling them every day just in case they take it away again – if anyone from Starbucks is reading this please NEVER take Mocha Coconut away…it makes my morning complete!

Have a wonderful & relaxing weekend!

XO Amanda