Outfit For Under $100

Jacket (love this!) // Shirt // Pants // Heels 

Those of you who have been following me for a while now via my blog or Instagram know that I love H&M (okay I’m obsessed)! Partly, because where I live it’s one of the only stores I like and partly because they have such amazing prices! H&M is also great for items that are trendy and won’t stay in style for very long. You can have fun with your look without shelling out big bucks! Plus, they have some great sales (i.e. the outfit above). Right now they have up 60% off on many of their items, including a lot of jackets. Make sure to reference my outerwear post here!

The outfit above is perfect if you work in a corporate environment and don’t want to wear a suit every day. Or if you enjoy dressing up for the day to day! Neutrals are always my go-to and I always get my money’s worth by wearing work wardrobe staples over and over and over. I rotate the same pairs of pants so much during the year that I usually toss them after summer and winter and buy a whole new set (they are usually beyond repair at that point hah).

I’m a huge fan of cropped pants, because I’m 5’2″ and usually that means I don’t have to pay to get them hemmed. The pair above is only $14.99!! And can we please talk about how amazing this black jacket is – so sleek, so simple, so perfect for in between temps! It was originally $60 and is on sale for $29.99…if you like it make sure to check online or in the store, because it looks like some of the sizes have already sold out.

And yes, if you are doing the math this outfit comes to $104.96, but there’s a catch!

You may not know this, and I didn’t for the longest time, but if you bring in clothing items that you no longer want – [say things you would take to Goodwill] – you will get 15% off your purchase at H&M! That brings this outfit to only $89.22! The items you donate don’t have to be from H&M either and you don’t have to fill a trash bag full, as long as you bring in something it counts. It’s part of their recycling program. There are signs posted around the store, but I don’t think many people notice.

Have a great Thursday! 

XO Amanda