First, let me thank everyone for the outpouring of love & support for Friday’s post. I was overwhelmed with sweet words and similar experiences. It means the world to me that my little blog has gained so many followers over the last six months. Thank you!
I’ve posted a couple times before about nail polishes I love for different seasons, but today’s is all about what is appropriate for work. Obviously, this all depends on your occupation. Some of my friends who are nurses can’t wear nail polish at all (even my Starbucks Barista can’t). But, if you’re able to paint some pretty polish on your nails, I have four favorite choices.
I, myself, work in a corporate work environment. The norm is nudes, light pinks, maybe even red (which is bright, but an accepted color of choice). Currently, I have an amazing gel polish on that is very very sparkly, but only because it’s the holiday season. Luckily, I work in marketing so our nail code isn’t quite as strict, unless we have meetings with administration. I’ve also listed my favorite base coat and top coat below!
Sheer Pink // Essie Sugar Daddy
Side note: I have been very impressed with Sephora’s Formula X nail polish. Color quality is excellent and it has a great staying power. I’ve received all of mine as samples or in favorite’s boxes so be on the lookout when checking out with your points. Right now there is a Formula X The System 500 point perk!
I wish all of you a happy Monday. I know many of you are probably starting back to work today and I know how hard it is to get back in the swing of things after a nice, long vacation. I know I will be using my free Starbucks birthday (almost 26 ladies!) drink for a Venti Peppermint Mocha to get my morning started. 
XO Amanda