Looking back at my posts since last June I’m shocked I’ve never talked about this lipgloss from YSL (Rouge Pur Couture). It’s such a beautiful baby pink stain that I feel is a color that is hard to come by. I normally despise stains, because I don’t like my lips looking raspberry in shade or freshly “bitten” so to speak. It’s slightly different from other stains I’ve tried in that it stays on longer, but doesn’t permanently stain my lips. I purchased the color 18 Rose Pastelle, because I saw it on Lilly Ghalichi during Shahs of Sunset. I think it was the first episode and I became totally obsessed with her and her makeup routine. 
Unfortunately, this color is currently sold out on Sephora.com, probably because it is so pretty and so popular! But keep checking back, because I know they restock. In the meantime I noticed a similar color 110 Reckless Pink. It’s the same formulation but part of the Rebel Nudes collection. I may try this one next since 18 is currently unavailable. 
Another plus is that these lippies have the sweetest candy-like smell. It makes wearing it so much better! I don’t know about you, but if a lipstick/gloss smells yucky I just can’t wear it, because I smell it all day long.
I hope you give this product a try and have a great Thursday!
XO Amanda